Marketing & Social Media


In 2008, mma realized the importance of Social Media, and the place it can hold within a strategic marketing plan. Having spent the last 20+ years in marketing, mma has had the opportunity to understand and learn how companies can benefit from Social Media, strengthening and building relationships with customers in order to gain trust and ultimately increase sales.

In 2009, mma was fortunate to discover and successfully complete a Social Media Certification program with ISMA, the International Social Media Association.  The Certification program provided the opportunity to learn from the top social thought leaders across all the platforms on a deep level.

Mma consults and works together with companies to develop their Social Media strategy and plans, integrating the appropriate tools in to the overall marketing plan.  

We perform deep dive assessments including company, product, brand, and competition.  We listen to all the on-line chatter across each discipline and develop a strategy based on the assessment.

  • Social Media and Social Networking:
    • Assessment – Deep Dive
    • Consulting
    • Speaking and Training
  • Strategic Marketing and Social Media Planning for Companies, Franchisees, Restaurants, Suppliers
    • Integrate Frequency Loyalty Programs
    • Establish Editorial Calendar
    • Integrate Social Media into Marketing
    • Reputation Management
    • Customer Service, social media policy
    • Monitoring and reporting
    • Continuously updating strategy
  • Mma is passionate about the integration of marketing and social media, and looks forward to working with you and assisting you in developing a plan to strategically use Social Media as an integral part of your marketing.