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Have you tried yet? helps you create a newspaper from your social networks.  Small Rivers, a Swiss company is responsible for this service which takes links that your network has shared and turns them into a social newspaper.  It breaks the information into topics: 

  • Headlines
  • Stories
  • Buiness
  • Technology
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Education
  • Politics
  • #Hashtags

How do I set My Daily Paper Up?

Go to:




Click on the top right hand corner on create a newspaper.


The next screen that appears looks like this:



Decide what type of you want to create.  Choose from:

  • Your own twitter account
  • Twitter Hashtag you are following
  • Twitter List
  • Facebook (in test)
  • Custom

Enter data into selected box and hit create.



Example of processing twitter accout:



Voila! Results are this for my Twitter Account:




Put your mouse over the source of any link, video or photo and you will have the option to reply, retweet, follow or even unfollow. 



Your Twitter stream also appears on the sidebar as a column. 

What setting options do I have?

  • Updates
  • Times
  • Promoted
  • Paper title change

Your daily “paper” is updated just that – every day.  You have the option though to receive it mornings and evenings or weekly. even gives you the option to decide what time of day you want to receive it.   You can promote your paper daily via tweets and you can change the title of your paper at whim.

Pros and Cons


I have found that the view provides can feature or highlight tweets that I might have missed otherwise.  It is easy to use and you can take it further by utilizing the hashtag option and list follow.  This helps break it down even further and at a quick glance I can decide what is most relevant.

Social Media Examiner included recently as number six in the list of 8 ways to find great social media content.


The Facebook Page which is currently in test does not yet pull in your own posts which I expected as the twitter daily pulls in your tweets into a sidebar column.  In addition I found the amount of material sparse.  I feel confident though that this will improve in time. gives you

All in all I recommend you trying out for yourself and please let us know what you think in the comments below.


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